New Device Dulls Post Surgery Pain, Not the Senses

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After surgery, most patients depend on strong medications to help relieve their pain. While the drugs numb the pain, they can also numb the senses. A new device promises pain relief without the side effects.

Instead of getting pain medication from a pill or IV that affects the entire body, a new device called the rapid recovery system sends medicine straight to the surgical area.

Orthopedic Surgeon Larry Schrader has been using this device for several years and is amazed at how well it works. This device feeds a continuous stream of pain medication directly into the wound area, giving patients pain relief without the usual side effects.

"Narcotics cause some sedation. Most patients know they’re receiving it. It makes them uneasy, groggy…and for some patients that’s very unsettling" says Dr. Schrader. "That can also be unsafe and slow recovery from orthopedic procedures."

According to Dr. Schrader even his patients with large procedures such as a hip replacement use little narcotic pain medication and recover faster. He reports, "Not only is this device very effective, but it is quite simple. I commonly send my patients home with it after outpatient or overnight surgeries."

With this device, surgeons implant a catheter into the surgical opening. It is connected to a plastic tube, which feeds into a plastic bag filled with pain medication. The analgesic bathes the wound through three holes in the catheter.

"You don’t even know it’s there. I came home the same day I had my knee replaced and had very little pain," says many patients.

"I’d say virtually every patient we’ve used this with has had significant relief of their pain, " says Dr. Schrader.

Dr. Schrader has sent patients home while they are wearing the device. It is simple to pull out the catheter when the bag is empty. "When in use, it’s like wearing a walkman."

Dr. Schrader is presently accepting new patient appointments. For more information or to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Schrader, call Mid-South Orthopedic Associates at 901-465-4300.

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